Broken Arc

Broken Arc, photograph, 2006; 8 x 8 in

A photo from 2006, this one brought together my desire to portray strong imagery in a flattened space. The dull gray sky enabled me to shoot it with the razor wire in shadow silhouette to accent the forms. I particularly enjoy the up and down movement of the arcs, the implied danger element of the razor wire, and, of course, the break in one arc that interrupts the flow and becomes a focus that competes with the light-filtered sun.

Red Lid Sidewalk Sunset

Red Lid Sidewalk Sunset, photograph, 2007; 8 x 8 in

For many years now  I’ve been approaching photography as a painter: flattening space and concentrating on color, composition and texture. I stumbled on this scene in 2007 on an exploratory walk after a rainfall. It immediately reminded me of Japanese prints and Adolph Gottlieb paintings.