Honk If You Love Euclid


Honk If You Love Euclid, oil and wax resist on paper, 1988; 24 x 24 in

This piece epitomizes the type of work I was making in the late 1980s and early ’90s. Namely, it’s a square format; a resist (here, oil and wax resisting India ink) on printmaking paper; makes use of metallic tones (here, gold) and reflects my ongoing interest in the creative connection between science and art.  This title obviously refers to the Greek mathematician Euclid, who is often called the Father of Modern Geometry.  The composition has two prominent and one implied triangles: the purple somewhat equilateral triangle slightly up from the center, the black triangle visually created in the lower right by the dissecting green-blue line, and the gold implies a triangle that will complete itself if the blue line were to continue until it meets the left and right edges. The painting was exhibited in New York in 1989, and is currently in the show, Grand Installations at the BWAC Gallery in Brooklyn until Oct. 15, 2017.

UPDATE: This painting was purchased at the opening.