When Is A Window Not A Window?

When Is A Window Not A Window?
When Is A Window Not A Window?, oil and ink resist on wood; 1987; 25.5 x 25.5 in

In 1987 I did a series of pieces on wood and masonite with the purpose of incorporating the built-in frames as an inherent part of the paintings. The idea was that gaps left between the edge of the frame and the piece proper would allow the wall color to become part of the work itself.

In this piece, the irregular gaps create a rhythm that moves around the piece and adds to the gestural action of the scraped, biomorphic rectangle. Parts of the center were left as raw wood, which is altering its color through the aging process.

The name of the piece refers to my early school days, when a classroom window was a doorway or a portal, if you will, to my daydreams — the answer to the title question.

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